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My Story: Part 3

Research on R&D and New Product Development
A great deal of my work has come through my Management Consulting network. I managed several research studies on the topic of Product Development metrics for a boutique Management Consulting firm. In 1998, 2000, 2002 and 2004, I managed these studies from front to back including developing the database, performing calculations, assisting in the detailed analysis of the results, and writing articles and presentations to tell the story of the findings.

I also partnered on a number of projects with The Management Roundtable (MRT) a provider of business education and information based in Waltham, MA. For MRT, I authored two influential white papers, managed a number of research studies, and served as editor-in-chief for their premier, monthly, print publication. I was on the team that moved their publishing business onto the web. I also created, soup to nuts, two stand-alone electronic database products, one of which won an engineering award. I also designed and compiled several PDF-based electronic research reports in a format of my own invention.

Communication & Integration: The Relationship-Based Organization
For MRT, I also developed a concept, based on proprietary research, called “the relationship-based organization. This concept anticipated trends in Social Networking by suggesting the power of the quantity and richness of connections between one person or group and others. This research argued that the more successful innovators cultivated strong relationships between such functions as engineering, marketing, purchasing, and IT. They also had strong relationships with customers and suppliers. The quality and quantity of these relationships were more strongly correlated with success in innovation than such things as measuring performance or continually improving processes.

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