Writer - Researcher - Editor

My Story: Part 2

Early Career
My entire career has been as a writer, editor and researcher ever since I served as an editorial intern for two magazines during the summers of my college years. After college I was a researcher for an Oxford University Press reference book and conducted some research about the role of Annapolis, MD in the Civil War for an historian of that city. I worked for a couple of years as a Research Analyst for Thomson & Thomson then the established leader in the field of Intellectual Property research, focusing on trademarks.

I was then the first employee of a successful Management Consulting start-up in Cambridge, MA where I learned how to conduct a primary research study and wrote presentations, articles, marketing materials and did whatever else needed to get done, which is the way with start-ups. My title there was Research Associate. In the five years of my tenure with that firm its revenues grew ten-fold and we went from two guys sharing a basement, with two PCs and a fax machine, to eight employees with real offices on State Street, Boston. Our clients included such companies as Apple Computer, Xerox, UPS, HP Medical, and Abbott Laboratories.

Freelance Career
In 1995 I went out on my own as a free-lancer. My first project was to develop an interactive, full text database of works in the Western intellectual tradition (what they used to call “the Great Books”). I searched through these texts and programmed about 3000 links between one book and another. This was beta-tested in the library of the flagship Great Books school, St. John’s College, and presented at the Whitney Young School of Honors & Liberal Studies at Kentucky State University.

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