Writer - Researcher - Editor

Editing a Monthly Newsletter

Interviewing and Developing R&D Case Studies  (1999-2004)

For five years I was editor-in-chief of a monthly publication on R&D management called Product Development Best Practices Report. This print newsletter reached R&D professionals in Fortune 500 companies in such fields as Aerospace & Defense, Automotives, and Pharmaceuticals. The centerpiece of each issue was the company-specific case study. The case study usually involved interviews with product development managers at the Director  level or higher. From these first-hand accounts, I composed an approximately 2500-word piece telling the story of how an R&D organization faced a challenge and found a solution.

These studies dealt with issues from cross-functional integration, to product portfolio management, to technology staging, to hearing the voice of the customer. I wrote case studies with such companies as Ford, Nortel, Nabisco, and Bristol-Myers Squibb. The newsletter also included summaries of the latest research, interviews with industry thought leaders, book reviews, and a monthly column from one of a panel experts.

Sample: Project Management Case Study