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Analyzing Data to Develop a Viewpoint

Communication, Integration, and the Relationship-based Organization (1990s)

I managed a series of primary research studies in the 1990s that produced two influential white papers. These studies were sponsored by a partnership between Product Development Consulting, Inc. (PDC), The Management Roundtable (MRT), and (in 1993), the Boston Consulting Group (BCG). The 1993 study was featured on page A2 of the Wall Street Journal, July 20, 1993 and later became a key source for a Harvard Business Review article authored by PDC President, John Carter and BCG Principal, Tom Hout. I was the manager of this effort as an employee of PDC and was later hired as a free-lancer by MRT to continue this work.

The first of the white papers I authored for MRT was either republished or covered in Managing Automation, CAE, IOMA Journal, Society of Concurrent Engineering National Newsletter, Time-Compression Technologies, Software Strategies, and other trade publications. These white papers are still cited today, most recently at the annual conference of the Boston branch of the Usability Professionals Association (UPA), May 7, 2012.

Sample: R&D White Paper