Writer - Researcher - Editor


I’ve worked with David for over 15 years on various projects in his role as editor and author of newsletters, articles, interviews, white papers and other material on the subject of R&D and product development. I have always been impressed by David’s unique blend of analytical skill, research acumen and insightful communication style. In addition to his ability to produce high quality professional prose out of complicated material, he never misses a deadline and is as reliable as they come. I recommend David without hesitation.
Gregg Tong, Vice President, Management Roundtable

It has been my great pleasure to work with David numerous times over the past twenty years. He has a great mind and a wide range of qualitative and quantitative skills. My experience with him ranges from synthesizing topical interviews into tight articulate written articles, to being a lead subject matter researcher who can statistically portray all findings and results using complex math. Over the past two decades he has developed a depth of industry experience in R&D and Product Development. David is personable and considerate of others. He has the poise and mental quickness to be of valued assistance at all levels of management.
Bradford L. Goldense, President, Goldense Group Inc. 

Over the last three years, David has done a number of projects for the Council for a Parliament of the World’s Religions.  He has written superb copy, and put together beautiful reports and brochures.  The great thing about David is you can trust him.  He gets the concept right away and takes it to a new level.  He’s as smart and talented as they come.
Amelia Perkins, Director of Special Projects, A Council for a Parliament of the World’s Religions

David Vermette is an excellent writer who has always met our deadlines. He is very analytical and able to translate complex data into meaningful insights that have truly stood the test of time.
Alex Cooper, President, Management Roundtable

I hired David to help me with a product manual on short notice for a fussy customer, he produced a well thought out and executed manual quickly, he was extremely easy to work with, and the customer was very pleased with the product. I would highly recommend David based on this work — he was fast, efficient, and produced excellent work.
Socrates Deligeorges, President, Biomimetic Systems

David is an exceptionally clear thinker. I highly recommend David for any role where critical thinking and superior performance are required.
John Carter, Founder, Product Development Consulting, Board of Directors at Cirrus Logic, Principal at TCGen, Inc.